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English : Responsible Consumption - Lesson Plans

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Out of concern for the reality facing junior and senior high school teachers, the In-Terre-Actif team has created a wide variety of lesson plans, available to teachers, to aid the education and development of their students. Each plan deals with a specific topic, and also contains relevant text, a short questionnaire, some texts written by youth, ideas for further action such as journalistic projects, links to other resources, a list of further activities, and a “Did you know?” section. Each plan comes with a teacher’s guide to facilitate their use in teachers’ planning.

Conscious of the quality and credibility of our products, we hope to edit each lesson plan and distribute copies to schools in Canada and other English-speaking regions of the world.   

Available Documents:

Responsible Consumption :

Responsible Consumption : Student's Handout

Responsible Consumption : Teacher's Guide

Canada - A Step Towards Responsible Consumption : Student's Handout

Canada - A Step Towards Responsible Consumption : Teacher's Guide

Fair Trade : Student's Handout

Fair Trade : Teacher's Guide

Ghana - Fair Trade : Student's Handout

Ghana - Fair Trade : Teacher's Guide

GMOs : Student's Handout

GMOs : Teacher's Guide

Tanzania: Ecotourism

Tanzania: Ecotourism