The Solidarity Committee of Trois-Rivières, in collaboration with the Quebec Minister of Education, is proud to present you with an virtual, educational toolkit about the exploitation of child labour, within the scope of its In-Terre-Actif Network.

Aimed primarily at primary students between the ages of 10 and 12, this toolkit hopes to enhance youth's awareness, in a concrete way, of the issue of child labour exploitation. This toolkit was created within the scope of the current educational reform, notably for the area of "education for active citizenship".

Six interactive activities, all in Flash format, are available in order to explore the multiple sides of child labour exploitation. Lesson plans were also prepared and are provided with each activity with the goal of easily integrating them into school courses. Finally, reference texts and links to other ressources are provided in order to be able to easily find more detailed information and the answers to any possible questions.

We hope that this educational tool, adapted for classroom use, will both interest you and encourage you to make your students aware of this important issue.

We are open to any comments that you may have regarding this educational tool.

The In-Terre-Actif Team