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What is Child Exploitation?

Article 32 of the Convention on the Rights of the Child states that children have the right to be protected against economic exploitation and work that implies risk. The term exploitation in the convention means to take advantage of someone.

    Child labour can be qualified as exploitation when:
  • The child works full time at a premature age
  • The child must assume heavy responsibilities
  • The child is not fairly paid for his/her work
  • The work robs the child of his/her dignity and self-esteem

Work that implies risk is that which requires the child to perform dangerous or hazardous tasks.

    Work is said to imply risk when:
  • It puts the child’s health and development at risk
  • It causes too much physical or emotional stress
  • It does not allow time for the child to attend school or it tires the child to the degree that he/she cannot study
  • It does not allow the child the time to rest or to play