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  • Grades 1 to 6


  • 50 minutes


  • Computers

Intermediate Objective

  • To learn about certain international organisations who are fighting against child exploitation

Specific Objectives

  • To match numerous organisations that fight against child exploitation with their logos (internet)
  • To explain the role of each international organisation (internet and in class)
  • To name actions that one can take to fight against the exploitation of child labour (in class)
  • To name government policies in Quebec that deal with child labour


  • Organisations' Logos: WHO, CIDA, CS/TR, UN, , UNICEF, WLO, and
  • A description of the organisations
  • Actions to take to fight against child labour

Cross Curricular Competencies

  • Developing critical thinking skills
  • Using information
  • Using information and communication technologies

Proposed Educational Scenario

  1. Ask students if they are part of an organisation such as a hockey club or an intramural sports team, or a band, for example.
  2. Highlight that adults also form groups in order to defend their interests. For example, UNICEF defends children, and collects money each halloween for children.
  3. Introduce Carl, a young boy from Canada who works selling chocolate, and who will help them learn about various organisations helping children through the activity "Organisations Helping Children"
  4. Give the students the internet address in order to directly access the educational activity:

During the on-line activity the students will be asked to:

  • Match the logos with their corresponding organisations
  • Visit the web-sites of the organisations
  1. Take the students' comments about the on-line activity
  2. Ask the students to name the organisations that they learned about through the activity
  3. Explain actions that one can take to fight against the exploitation of child labour
  4. Conclude by explaining the employment laws in place in Quebec

Reference Texts

  • Organisations helping children
  • Proposed actions
  • Child labour policy in Quebec